We will help you break through 

We believe that change, great ideas and successful organisations are driven by empathy for and collaborative partnerships with customers and consumers.

Leave complexity behind and create futures that matter

We are passionate about:

Person-led co-design, leadership and collaboration
Harnessing complexity and crafting futures that matter

Helping organisations to be innovators and change agents.



Our workshops, consulting and speaking offerings are designed from the ground up in collaboration with you to generate the thinking and outcomes that you seek. We are consultants, facilitators and coaches who can work with you to:


Be Design Thinkers

Fix services that need to be brought into the world of customer centricity


Build capability in & nurture teams:

Frameworks and mindsets to drive change that matters & thrive  together.


Collaborate, lead & codesign

Drive  projects  & experiential outcomes  


Make impact in the everyday 

Explore and improve models of care and services you offer today

The premise behind all the work we do is that it’s about helping you “discover differently” – to think about things in ways that open up the possibility of making positive change happen. To do this, we use the principles of Design Thinking and apply them to the situation you seek to improve in a human way.

It's not about just building widgets or apps or whatever the latest technology trend is, it’s about impacting positively on the people around us.  It really doesn’t matter what industry, what level of work you are or how much change you want to make – together we can make it happen.

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The Kairos Now tried and tested framework has been customised for use in non-government agencies and healthcare organisations within Australia


Creating futures that matter

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